Illinois Department of Natural Resources
September 2021
September 10, 2021
Photo by James Lee.

Illinois Wildlife Q&A Video: Barn Owls

By Kathy Andrews Wright

Film Date:

June 21, 2021


Terry Esker, Regional Stewardship Coordinator, Southern Region, Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Produced by:

Laura Kammin

Kathy Andrews Wright

Edited by:

Sarah Marjanovic 

Questions received in advance of the conversation are listed below, with the time noted should you desire to fast-forward to a topic of interest.

0:35 Introduction of Terry Esker, Regional Stewardship Coordinator, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Division of Natural Heritage. 

0:53 Overview of barn owl life history, habitat preferences and range in Illinois.

2:02 Status of the barn owl in Illinois.

3:15 What caused the decline of the barn owl population that resulted in their previous status as endangered, and then threatened? 

4:30 Development of a Barn Owl Recovery Plan. 

6:26 What has been learned about the barn owl since implementation of the Recovery Plan?

8:58 How has the barn owl population fared since implementation of the Recovery Plan?

10:12 What should the lucky landowner do if they find a barn owl nest on their property?

11:39 What steps can an interested landowner take to enhance their property for the barn owl?

12:53 How much grassland is needed to support a barn owl?

15:13 The recovery of the barn owl is a success story thanks to the support provided by various universities, agencies, landowners and volunteers.

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Kathy Andrews Wright is retired from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources where she was editor of Outdoor Illinois magazine. She is currently the editor of Outdoor Illinois Wildlife Journal and Illinois Audubon magazine.