Illinois Department of Natural Resources
December 2020
December 10, 2020
Photo courtesy of the IDNR.

CWD in Illinois Q&A

By Kathy Andrews Wright

Film Date:

October 14, 2020


Dan Skinner from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Produced by:

Laura Kammin

Kathy Andrews Wright

Edited by:

Sarah Marjanovic

Questions received in advance of the conversation are listed below, with the time noted should you desire to fast-forward to a topic of interest. 

00:33 Dan Skinner overview of position with Illinois Department of Natural Resources

01:30 What is Chronic Wasting Disease and why is it problematic?

03:40 The history of CWD in the United States, and specifically in Illinois.

05:58 How is the Illinois Department of Natural Resources managing the state’s white-tailed deer herd to minimize the spread of this disease?

Two-pronged Approach

  • 06:34 Surveillance
    • 07:30 Check Stations
  • 08:38 Management
    • 08:40 Sharp-shooting Program

10:30 How CWD spreads

11:27 What can the public do to aid in the management of CWD?

  • 11:50 Participate in hunting programs
  • 13:15 Landowners working with District Wildlife Biologists in CWD management operations
  • 14:25 Report sick deer on White-tailed Deer Illinois website

14:56 Signs of CWD

Resources to Review

  • 18:53 IDNR CWD website
  • 19:24 White-tailed Deer Illinois website
  • 19:43 USFS CWD website

20:24  Closing comments

  • Myths of CWD document on IDNR website
  • A thank you to purchasers of hunting licenses and permits

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Kathy Andrews Wright is retired from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources where she was editor of Outdoor Illinois magazine. She is currently the editor of Outdoor Illinois Wildlife Journal and Illinois Audubon magazine.