Illinois Department of Natural Resources
May 2021
May 17, 2021
Photo by Keith Shannon, USFWS.

Species Status Assessment on Bats

By Kathy Andrews Wright

Film Date:

February 23, 2021


Joe Kath from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Produced by:

Laura Kammin

Kathy Andrews Wright

Edited by:

Sarah Marjanovic

Questions received in advance of the conversation are listed below, with the time noted should you desire to fast-forward to a topic of interest.

00:35 Joe Kath introduction.

01:36 What is a Species Status Assessment is and what does it entail?

04:38 Species Status Assessment founded on the principles of resiliency, redundancy and representation.

06:34 The Species Status Assessment team considering the little brown, tri-colored and northern long-eared bats.

08:11 Probable next steps of the Species Status Assessments:

  • 09:50 Does the little brown bat warrant listing under the federal endangered species act?
  • 10:20 Already listed as a federally endangered species, the Species Status Assessment for the northern long-eared bat will aid in status review and development of a recovery plan.
  • 11:00 The Species Status Assessment for the tri-colored bat will help determine if this species warrants protection, or is doing better than researchers thought or if other listing actions are of higher priority.

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Kathy Andrews Wright is retired from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources where she was editor of Outdoor Illinois magazine. She is currently the editor of Outdoor Illinois Wildlife Journal and Illinois Audubon magazine.